Department Overview

The department of prosthodontics is one of the first few departments to commence functioning , in accordance to the Dental Council regulations, right from the very inception of the institution in 2012. Since then the department has been regularly providing a very high standard of rehabilitation services in all forms , be it the routine removable dentures , crowns and fixed partial dentures or the more complex implant based rehabilitations or maxillofacial prostheses for people with any sort of deformity or defect in the head and neck region.Thanks to the generosity of our beloved Chairman, Dr.Neerukonda B.R.Prasad all dentures are given to patients free of charge and this has generated a lot of goodwill amongst the community. Denture camps or awareness drives at old age homes are conducted at regular intervals to ensure public awareness of this facility.

The department occupies the entire southern wing of Anil Neerukonda Institute of Dental Sciences and has a dedicated entrance to enable easy access for the elderly or patients with special needs. The 50 undergraduate and postgraduate dental chairs adorn the length of the clinical section making a very impressive sight. The processing labs and other facilities are adjacent to the clinical wing. The preclinical section comprises of two portions. One , the preclinical prosthodontics Bunsen burner lab, has a seating capacity for 120 students and the other, the preclinical typodont lab, has a capacity for sixty students.

List of Faculty

S.No Designation Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. R.Prakash
2 Professor Dr. Ram Venkat Kumar
3 Reader/ Associate Professor Dr. P Lakshmu Naidu
4 Reader/ Associate Professor Dr. Uday Kiran Tej
5 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. T Pratyusha
6 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. G Ramesh Kumar
7 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. Vudi Srinivas
8 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. Muneendra T
9 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. S. Sravani
10 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. Nirupama Naidu Vemali
11 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. K Vijaya Kanth
12 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. Rajendra Naidu