Satellie Center

The institution has four peripheral satellite centres established in the year 2003-2004, which are located at a distance of 10-15 kilometres from the college at Anandapuram, Padmanabam, Vizianagaram and Madurawada to serve the patients coming from remote areas. Both the satellite centres are well equipped with all the facilities. A dental surgeon is appointed at each centre and the house surgeons are posted on rotation basis at the satellite centres so as the house surgeons get a learning opportunity and exposure to different patient groups.

Basic dental services like dental examination, scaling, restorations, root canal treatment and extractions are provided at the satellite centres and for further advanced treatments, the patients are referred to the dental college with a referral card. Specialist services are also available on particular days in week and those days patients avail the advanced dental treatments.

Padmanabam Satellite Center

Anandapuram Satellite Center

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Vizianagaram Satellite Center

Madhurawada Satellite Center

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Mobile Dental Unit

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