Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry

Department Overview

Pedodontics (Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry) is a specialized branch in dentistry. The department is exclusively focused on diagnosis and treatment of various dental problems in a child. The department handles all the dental needs varying from skeletal problems in the growth of a child face, correction of aberrant habits, trauma to the face and teeth, various stages of dental decay, maintenance of oral hygiene and finally prevention and interception of the various dental problems before the child enters into adulthood.

Treating a child is always very difficult and it requires utmost patience and skill to do so. The department and the staff are solely trained in dealing with the child in a careful and compassionate way by using various behavior managing techniques and at the same time providing highest degree of the dental care at its best.

The department conducts school camps and promotes dental care through the program “zero cavities” in various government and private schools in urban and rural vizag. The children who are examined through these camps are bought to the department through a free transport provided by the college and provided with free necessary dental treatment.

The department also boasts of doing complex full mouth rehabilitations, more emphasis on trauma(Dento-alveolar & Jaw bone fractures) and treatment of children with special abilities under general anesthesia.

As the college has its own medical college and hospital in the campus, there is a “Pediatrics-Pedodontics continuum” program, which makes it more comfortable to identify more number of children with asymptomatic dental problems and their early intervention.

List of Faculty

S.No Designation Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. Venkat Subramanayam
2 Reader/ Associate Professor Dr. Kandregula Chaitanya Ram
3 Reader/ Associate Professor Dr. M.Madhavi Krishna
4 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. B Santhosh Nikhitha
5 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. Malathi Y
6 Sr. Lecturer/Assistant Professor Dr. V Uday Mohan